November 5, 2005

Why do I not desire my “home” anymore?

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:57 pm by changisme

My room is pretty cozy, especially after I have my heater on. I have nice lamp, nice desk and nice bed… Why do I not desire it? Before, when school finishes, I just want to scramble back to Richmond to get home. Now, since I moved out, I don’t really have that desire anymore. Staying at school to finish homework is a non-issue, cuz I’ve gotta do it at home anyway. Plotty used to be wide-eyed when she heard I was still at the computer lab late in the evening. the point of fact it, I no longer mind.
Maybe I still just long for my parents? Well… but that’s the whole point of moving out right? What’s so good about living with parents!!? They’re bossy, they’re wordy, they’re loud, they’re chatty, they’re worried, they’re thiinking and talking about you all the time… oh wait….
Anyway, the point is, it doesn’t seem like I can be lieing with them at this point in time, then what’s missing in my room? A brainwasher maybe? Something that just blast out the words "hey you’re HOME!!" everytime I entre the room. It would be pretty dramatic. Or maybe I need some drama in my life….
argh.. midterms next week~~~~~~~

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