November 10, 2005

Okay! All midterms finished!

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Waaaah… dunno what to think. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot! Finished all those midterms. Today was the last one. I guess the only "course" I’ve made no progress in is co-op, but anyway, my glass is half full.
I talked to my dad the other day, and he’s busy as usual. He and my mom went to my grandparents place, and bought them a DVD player. My grandma likes to watch those TV dramma, and in my mom’s opinion, they place one or two episodes a day is too slow, and nobody can stand it. Since my aunt always buys those disks anyway, might as well let grandma watch them as well. I wondered what my grandpa would have said about this proposal. He watches TV himself, but he doesn’t really want my grandma to watch it so much, because he said that since she got a stroke, she doesn’t seem to be as sharp as she used to be, and watching TV didn’t seem to contribute. I remember when I was still in Beijing, me and my grandpa tried to get her to read some interesting magazines, but she says she feels so tired reading them. Later on, she got really into croucher. I think that exercises her brain. Watching 4 or 5 episodes of dramma a day certainly would be so smart.
On the other hand, it’s something interesting in their appartment afterall. Since they have a computer now, why not a DVD player right? I wonder if they still use their computer often. My grandpa was writing a memoir of his life before, I dont’ know if he finished, but I really really really wanna read it. He’s someone who read a lot, and hence doesn’t write badly. He’s also not very subjective, even after getting older when others get stubborn in their own ideas. He has this little book of family trees, and it’s sad that he hasn’t gotten in touch with his siblings for so long. Memoir… when it comes to the time I would write a memoir, what would I write about this period of my life? Would I even put a paragraph on cramming for midterms?

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  1. Jane said,

    u know, I always thought half empty meant optimism b/c when I was young, I was always forced to drink water so I would think..I\’m almost done…it\’s half empty…

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