November 15, 2005


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I think it’s a talent for someone to be able to get hooked on something, although God probably would say it’s bad because it takes away your ability to cmake conscious choices. I think that can be prevented by putting a little switch for yourself before you get hooked. Maybe let someone else do the switching?
I was talking to mama and she was telling me about the internet cafe outside our place in Beijing. Since the speed is incredible, she usually just go down there to use their computer. The other day, she went down there at about 8am, and was amazed hat there were people in there already. She commented to the girl in the front desk,"You guys open early!" The girl laughed and said, "oh those people were leftovers from last night!"
uhhh Well… I guess I shouldn’t advocate this, because those people are 99% playing internet games. I remember when I was in grade school, the teachers and parents were so worried about kids who got hooked on computer games. Internet games are just even more engaging. The government passed a law saying that those gaming places shouldn’t admit youth under age of 16. It hardly worked…(duh!)
Nonetheless, I don’t htink anyone can do this, getting hooked like that. I certainly can’t. If this diligence can be used somehow, it would be so great. The tough thing is that those people won’t get hooked in anything, just somthing… but I don’t think that something is restricted to computer games… maybe they’d be good at learning game theory?????
I wonder what people who grow out of that think when they look back.

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