November 28, 2005


Posted in Uncategorized at 6:38 pm by changisme

finallty pulled myself out of the lab. I finished most of it, the program works mostly. (It’s a program that does some memory allocation using circular doubly linked list), the only function that I can’t get it to work properly is "coallesce". I really need to start worrying about other stuff now, can’t lose the big over the small.. well in this case, can’t lose the many smalls, over this one small.
I think by today, I got a little addicted. Not programming for sure, but to this feeling of…. " I’ll just make it a liiiiiittle bit better." Each time I thought, I’ll just leave it as is, then there’s little more progress, then I thought, I’ll just make it a little bit better yet. And again… and again….. I think programming is poisonous to me, because it gets me addicted to something I HATE. LOL how does that work?
I met Karen Daniels, the pianist/flutist Mr. Bowen introduced me to. She had a baby!!!!! Oh man… Can you believe it?? Well, I guess you certainly can, but not me! There’s nothing really wrong with her having a baby, it’s just that at one moment you know her being this hippy hoppy young girl, and the next she’s a mother…. I don’t know what to think.
The wheel of my mouse is not working, it’s driving me crazy.

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