November 30, 2005

old feelings welling up

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:29 pm by changisme

I just got to know that one of my classmates here is from 北京四中 (the highest ranked senior high in Beijing). The thing about this school is that it’s THE number one, and there’s really no competition. There are a bunch of number 2’s and so on, but over all the years 四中 is always the legendary one.
I feel this old feelilng welling up in me. My school wasn’t bad, but there’s always this legendary feeling about people in the legendary school. Well, I guess they do have high IQ if they can be so outstanding amongst hundreds of thousands of students, but that doesn’t seem to be all.
On the other hand, when people sometimes hear which school I’m from, they’d go, wow, but actually I know, it’s not THAT good, plus, the students in there are not THAT smart, there’re smart ones, but a lot of them are just like me. 😦 As for 四中, I know the people there are very smart, but how "wow"y is it I don’t really know. It’s just one of those things :p

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