December 1, 2005


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I feel really good today because I handed in two homework and had tomorrow’s done! Life is awesome when rainbow comes out after cloud clears up!! (I’m so small, some homework can just cover up my squre of sky? My gosh…)
I think before the hard studying, I’ll take a break for a day tomorrow. This will allow me to recharge, have a little swim, and delahlah… Maybe tomorrow will snow again, hehe!
I had my last workshop TAing the math 180 students today. I start to miss it already. I bought some Timbits, and we all sat at one table, and had a cozy session of math. It was nice. I have to say, some of them have improved quite a bit. I don’t think my hour and a half a week really contribute much, but simply seeing the growth is a sweet thing. One of the students in my Wednesday’s class improved especially. I still remember he had no clues whatsoever in the first class, but soon after, he started to think the way maths people do. I think some people are just easily adapted (whether or not it’s an entirely positive thing is another issue).
Stats has once again become quite hard. I don’t know why people from previous terms say it’s easy. John Petcau is teaching this course for the first time in 20 years. I think he might be harder than other profs, but the thing is, I think he’s trying his best. It’s the material that is being hard. Maybe he’s just selected hard questions while he thinks it’s standard problems?? I don’t know… I can only try my very best and pray that I can do well in this. Now I don’t wanna just pass, because I’ve spent this much effort on it, not like complex analysis which I hardly glimped through once a week, oh man,,, I’m just getting a headache.
Anyway, I’m supposed to be taking a break from now.

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