December 4, 2005

“a guy died in downtown east side.”

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:41 pm by changisme

News 1130 just reports tons of these news news… many of which are bad ones.
Sometimes I get really irritated how those radio DJ’s can say these things with the same tone as they say everthing else, I just feel like they’re reporting on a stage with red and green stagelight. I think it has to be so, because these news come everyday. I get desensitized too actually. Sometimes when a news hit, some people die, one ofmy first reaction is actually, "oh… remember the other time? So many more people died!" or "geez this is nothing, remember in that disaster in China? Sooo many people died."
Each person is different and I think deaths should not be repoted in numbers. When they are, deaths seem to become something different. When one person die, what occurs to me is the life that ends, the house that is lacking the person’s voice and laughter. When people die "together", what occurs to me is the 1, 2, 3,…,n counting sticks like those in elementary schools, those green sticks that are strapped in elastic bands and can be pulled out by the bunch.
What does death mean to me? Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, none of the people I know well has ever died yet. I think I can keep my innocence a bit longer….

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