December 5, 2005

a long day of studying

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:16 pm by changisme

I think I’m just at the high point of my productivity. I need to study hard now because I know full well, soon, I will be going downhill. It feels better when I have other people to study with though. In the morning, there were Jane, Harvey and Harvey’s roommie Linda. Everyone was stressed… I’m not the only one, phew… BUT I’M THIE ONLY ONE WHO’S RESPONSIBLE FOR CHANG LIU’S GRADES! Then in the evening, there was Debby. It’s very nice discussing things with others, even if I’m just answering questions. I learn a lot more from it too.
It’s two different types of learning with these two groups of people really, with Jane, I totallly get the studying aura LOL, and since I’m usually really lazy to look through my own notes, I like to ask her since she has it all in her ingenius mind anyway. With Debby, she likes to laugh and talk and discuss. She takes really really colourful notes though, as colourful as her in person. hehe.  The art of studying.
Man… I should totally wory about comp sci, but I don’t know how to study for it.
Anyway… it’s the dark time before the sunrise~~~~~~~~~~~~

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