December 7, 2005

one eliminated!

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Ja~~~na! Comp sci’s finished. Even though it’s probably the easiest amongst all my courses, I’m glad it’s gone. I think I’m quite lucky because it didn’t test on a lot of hard memorization, mostly logic work, because I didn’t get arround study much for it, only today did I read through the notes.
Now, the next big thing will be stats, with the interruption of differential equations. ~~** Towards eternal happiness, ready? GO!!! **~~
I was reading this little article about "stop E$$O". It’s talking about all the negative stuff ESSO has done and still doing to the environment. Actually, I didn’t know it’s the biggest oil company, is it really?? Well, I’m just quite surprised how one coorperation can have such a big impact… I know protest articles might exaggerate a little, but still, it seems quite significant. Our world is just not balanced is it…
Nothing seems to be balanced! All over the universe, everything is in a dynamic state, rather than at equilibrium… I don’t know if I dislike that, but it sure is where chaos and problems arises from. On the other hand, if there weren’t all these dynamisity, where does beauty come from? I often argue with myself, maybe liking beauty is not a good thing, because I say it’s a holy thing because I want it to be. I can rationalize whatever I like to be true… at least that’s what I do a lot of times. Beauty is very dazzling, in a way, I can get addicted to it. Getting addicted is certainly not a good thing! I then give my mind and body to something..(who?) else. I don’t want to follow my feelings…
"Why not?"
"Cuz… I think then I won’t be able to stop myself from doing things… "
"You just don’t wanna give up control right? You want to keep your cool, and be able to stop when it takes too much from you."
"Well, not exactly. I just don’t want to do get dragged away to the wrong extreme. Of course I wouldn’t mind being dragged away to the good extreme…"
"Wouldn’t you? Positive?"
"Well… you know.. it costs a lot either way actually."
"Yeah, very much so."

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