December 8, 2005

why can’t life be suffering?

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I know it’s not good news, but why can’t people accept that? Some say, well, if life is suffering, what’s about all the pleasure?
If we can say suffering is the absence of holiness, why can’t we say pleasure is just momentarily lack of suffering? Or.. you can say in between suffering?
I’m not really thinking of this because I’m in between exams, well, maybe partly because of that. People run arround looking for fulfilling things, and they grad whatever fills their heart. Some of those things are like eating grapes, very tasty and filling at the moment, but soon after, you feel hungry again. Some of them are like turkey stuffing and cheese, tast pretty bad at the time, but last for a long long time.
Which one is better?
Even those people who eat stuffing and cheese after awhile say, "you need to remind yourself the time when you first ate stuffing and cheese!! Keep yourself hungry!! Get out of your comfort zone!!" Well, then what’s the point of eating those things? Might as well eat grapes and you don’t need to make an effort trying to feel hungry, because you will anyway.
Maybe it is like baba says, "Books should get thinner as you read it, after it gets thinnest, it should get thicker again." Life is probably a book like that. You try to seek the filling things, then again, try to make yourself hungry again. Gosh, it’s too complicated.
Today at the bus stop. I suddenly thought, you know? Thinking about the geometry, since our land to the sky is so so far, each one of us actually has quite a big share of the sky on average. If there are 6 billion people out here, mold the sky into little squares like those on a bar of chocolate, we can get a pretty big bump for each of us. Actually I dont mind sharing mine with others, then that would be a pretty big lump of chocolate sky. As I was thinking of that on my way to shopping, I decided to buy some chocolate, and I got premium dark. Mmm, it tastes so good. I love dark chocolate. I think I’ll dream of my chocolate tonight.

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