December 10, 2005

roller coaster climbing back up

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:06 pm by changisme

"Life is like a roller coaster!!" Well… I mean my life is not all that dramatic, but my mood could be.
Today wqs good. I thought I’d be so stressed that I wouldn’t be going to choir todya, but after an afternoon of studying, I felt I’m getting stats more and more, gotta thank God for it. I actually went and had a good time worshipping with others.
I dont’ know the feeling of gettng it is just an illusion or not. I sure hope not, but at least it feels good now.
Actually I somehow want to live in illusions so long as the time of my waking up approaches infinity.It’s probably I’m not responsible enough to face truths. It’s a fact though. I really don’t know if truth is all that beautiful anymore. For a long time, I think truth is a very beautiful thing. However ugly it might display itself at one point in time, overall, it’s always beautiful. Now I’m nto so sure why I thought that way. Maybe I didn’t have a reason.

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