December 12, 2005

one more exam done

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I really don’t know what to think of stats. It was really hard and long. It was a beautiful/well prepared exam, but it’s way too flexible/understanding based for our class. I really thought I had a good understanding of all that business, it turned out that I didn’t understand some of the concepts well enough. Plus, I didn’t finish the last question.
I kind of feel good and want to keep studying stats now, because I’m actaully understanding it. Nonetheless, the test was hard for me. The whole class was washed up in tears afterwards. Debby said she’s so worried that she might need to stay in UBC ungraduated just for this one failed stats course which only counts as her elective anyway.
I told her that she shouldn’t need to worry too much because the whole class seems to have doen pretty badly, and she’s not the bottom qualter of the class. Even if I said that, I wasn’t really sure how John Petcau is going to evaluate us. He will for sure scale the grades, because otherwise three qualters of the class would fail, but how much is the question.
He might have the similar belief as Mr. Freeman, that he should make the test hard enough that it challenge the crap outta ya. I don’t know if I agree, because sure that’s good for some people but for many, when they talk about this course, they jsut want to run. I remember at church the other day, someone asked me what program I’m in, I said stats and math. When they heard stats, their eyes almost turned blue(tthey were chinese btw)! "Oh man! That’s so hard for me."
Maybe I was wrong saying that John Petcau just wanted his own discipline prestigeous; maybe he just wants to force the students to actually understand the material to a certain level, but I really don’t think making more than half of the students scared of the subject is a good idea.
or, it’s us students who need to change the perspective of studying? Is it possible? Maybe it is… since it’s already a little different here than in China. I’m not sure. Maybe I have to actually graduate and work, then I’ll know what all these schooling is about.
Anywayz, I actually like stats now, not as boring as 200 and 302.

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