December 21, 2005

grades are out

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:37 am by changisme

 I can’t believe
grades are already out, especially for abstract algebra, we just had the exam
yesterday! Oh man, and van Willingenberg actually finished marking AND put up
the grades last night!! Is she drunk? Well… I mean I did relatively well in all
my courses, except I haven’t seen my complex analysis grades yet. Differential
equations which I thought I did really bad on was actually the highest, I think
they probably scaled.. As for comp sci, I thought I did better, or maybe it’s
not the final that I screwed up, it’s the assignments. Nonetheless, it’s not a
bad grade compare to other courses, what can I complain right? One thing it
makes me wonder is that, if I only get a B abstract algebra, what am I gonna get
if I take real analysis? It just chills my spine.


Debby seems to be happy on her MSN comment too. This is
good, I guess John Petcau did have some mercy on us. I told you he wouldn’t fail
someone like you Deb! ^_^


Anyway, it’s all over now, and I’m quite happy, even the
grade that’s not out, I’m not terribly pessimistic about. I guess I’m just a
lucky person with a lot of help around
J but the sad thing is…


though the wind singer is singing, it’s singing GRADES


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