January 1, 2006

the dry cold

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:07 pm by changisme

 I had a nice walk this morning, because I went to a church to check things out, but they didn’t have a service today, which is rather bizarre. Anyway, I loved the walk though. It was cold, but not windy, so since I had enough to wear, I just felt the freshness. On the street there were people greeting me good morning. At first, I didn’t react fast enough to greet them back before they passed me. This actually required some of my intellectual processing? So tragic! LOL


On my way back from Woodroffe Ave to Dundee where I live,  I decided not to take the bus. It was about half an hour walk. Even though my chin felt numb, I liked it. For some reason, I realized this type of cold is what Beijing was like, especially in Yanshan, where my grandparents live and where I spend New Year and Chinese New Year. I felt at home. When I came home, I felt the familiar itch due to the sudden temperature change. My mom used to say it’s due to rubbing against my pants, just like when I make the wrap of dumplings, after an hour, my hand would itch like crazy.


The cold here is dry, just as it is in Beijing. The Vancouver coldness is a little hard to bare because it is wet. When I walked the street, I found one more familiarity: this place needs some colour! I felt the same way when I was in Beijing. Everywhere looks kind of gray. The buildings are gray or brake coloured; the streets are gray; the ice is gray. And everything is paled by the clouds of my breath. This colour might not be so cheerful for you, but once again, I felt like I’m home for New Year. I even thought, if I just go to the other side of these buildings, I might see the stretch of retired farmland, houses with green window frames and pictures on red paper. SNAP, this is a little colourful, oops. Actually, there’re some colours here too. It’s just the election Champaign, so the signs are up in those highlighter colours, mostly pink and yellow.


I know it is hard to interpret my mood from what I wrote, because it’s all a confusing bunch. I don’t even know now, because I can’t really tell, usually, how I feel. It’s only that I want to eat, which is a sign of me might not being very happy. Who knows though, maybe it’s just I want to eat and that’s it.


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