January 5, 2006

looking for more fun

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Last night at CU Navs was nice, although I couldn’t really pin down what made their environment a little different from ours in UBC. Maybe just the diversity. There are not just Asians, there are some black, some white, some eastern Indian… Also, there are people from OU and CU and like me, the co-op students. There are also some people just working in Ottawa. Anyway, I need more time with those people to actually form some kind of image. When Chris gave me a ride home, I had a lot of fun sweeping the snow off his car before we left, and Alex and Cory had a lot of fun watching me having a lot of fun. LOL


This morning, the snow was … I don’t know how deep,  the cars were moving like snails, but the bus wasn’t too bad. I was only 5 min later than usual, but since I left early, there was no harm done.


SAS training was the same as yesterday. I actually hope we can finish this soon, so we can move on to something else, because this is like school, except you’re moving on in an incredibly slow rate.


After work, I went to the Main Library in downtown Ottawa. It’s a nice old library with three levels (at least0. Even though I didn’t get my library card, because I still haven’t got my proof of address yet,  I stayed there browsing and reading for awhile. It’s really nice. I think one of the reasons I like public libraries is that many people who don’t really know how to read are reading, and many books are there for people like me who don’t know how to read!


Nice day today, and I want to find out more about how we can look around here in Ottawa. I’m not sure if Parliament Hill is going to be a cool place this weekend with all this snow. Maybe…


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