January 6, 2006

Weekend Kick Start

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Today was the last day of SAS training. I’m almost glad that we don’t need to do anymore of this class. It’s quite boring and slow. The good thing was that Charlie, our instructor, is very very funny. Today, we were wrestling over chocolate and egg rolls. He also told us that his Chinese friend told him that the most authentic Chinese restaurant here is called May Garden. We were trying to translate of the dishes, which is water boiled beef as direct translation. We were trying to convince him that it actually taste pretty good, but the name seems to have done some damaging effect. LOL


After work,  I went skating in the little park near my house. It is an outdoor rink, which was kind of rough in its condition. I think it’s the roughest ice I’ve skated on. Before, I’ve always skated on flat ice, this one was full of trenches and some snow on it. The other people seemed to be rather comfortable. The good thing was that I actually didn’t fall. I’m quite impressed! There were quite a few close calls though, when my skates got caught in the trenches. It was fun! I had my CD player with me, too.


I think I stayed outside for quite awhile. Actually, these days, I’m pretty impressed that I actually like staying outdoors. Even though I was cold. When I came home, I saw my red cheeks in the mirror and wanted to laugh. Maybe my cheeks were not red enough after all!


Tomorrow, I’m going to take a little conversation French test and see how good my spoken French is. I hope I can still remember some stuff from two years ago. I want to learn some more this term.  The CD I brought to the skating rink was some French I downloaded. I don’t know if it helped. Later on tomorrow, I’ll go shopping. Maybe in the afternoon I can ask Fiona and Jethro to see if they want to go to the Mint Factory. I don’t know if they’re interested in going to museums. It doesn’t seem like so, but it doesn’t hurt asking I guess.


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