January 21, 2006

walk in the snow

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:06 pm by changisme

I felt less sick in the afternoon, and went out for a walk. That proved to be smart choice. The crispy air of a sunny day after a heavy snow fall is ever so clear. I feel like all the dirty things in my body are getting cleansed. In fact the snow just stopped shortly after I went out and the sun was as much on its way down as it’s on its way out. Nonetheless, its rays of penetrating sun light makes the snow look delicious and majestic. I wonder, if I ever get rid of my "dirty stuff" would it still be me? Probably it would be good to have an enhenced version of me. I’m sure even though some would say I should appreciate myself as who I am, they still believe that we should transform ourselves into some kind of standards. I really think these standards are entranched into our heads from tradition and our upbringing and/or our social environment. I don’t really know how much of it is "from the back of our minds".

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