January 22, 2006

man, am I losing something?

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:27 am by changisme

Some chinese friends, knowing I was in a Chinese Alliance church before, took me to a chinese alliance church here. I’d think after some times of the big western seminary and presbyterian teaching,  I would finally feel at home in a chinese alliance church. The scary thing is, I didn’t.
The message, well intended, somehow made me looking into space wondering what painting is on the bulletin of St. Andrew’s this week. I wondered which character with his/her dynamic personality would have been brushing through my mind if I were there. I wondered what kind of brain chacker would have been playing in my head.
Then I felt scared. It’s one of those fear that cannot be justified intellectually. It’s one of those fears that you just feel afraid though knowing it’s the silliest thing ever. Then I wanted to remember what I was thinking about as a child during talks about God and Christ, I don’t quite remember them. Though I know they were fun thoughts, I also know they were not about any particular denominations.
Am I losing something, or am I gaining something?

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