January 27, 2006

one day before new year’s eve

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Today I phoned Hangz, whom I phone every year for chinese New Year. I always like talking to him and he’s one of the few people I can talk to without fumbling everywhere for topics.
Life for him seems to be normal and moving forward. He finished some co-op at a newspaper and found a girlfriend. When he was in the newspaper, he had to do some interview on a student graduated from our high school, and who we used to know, and who Hangz used to talk quite a bit with. That guy went to beijing med school and in his third year, he killed his dream girl’s boyfriend.
That guy had always been weird, Hangz told me. He was a bit psychologically unstable, but quite a nice guy.I didn’t kow that guy very well, and he was a year ahead of us. still, it sounds so real that some smart young man I know will most likely die for his murder. I don’t know much about capital punishment, but I still don’t know what to feel about this. I guess I should feel sorry for the girl and her boyfriend.
Hangz found a girlfriend too I think I’m the only one, other than Da, who is still single now. Do I care? Well, I think I do, but why is everyone coupled up anyway? I feel falling in love with someone and that person is also in love with you is such a rare thing, or maybe it’s just rare for me?
The good part is, Hangz hasn’t changed much and still writing his literatures. He still hopes people can read his poetry, people like me. I couldn’t help but telling him I really don’t know how to read poems. Now that my chiense is even worse, he might as well put commentaries for me. I wonder if it’s because people have too many songs nowadays, so don’t have enough cravings for traditional poems. He admitted that could be a legitimate theory.
Chinese New Year is coming. Peter lent me his extra rice cooker, I felt quite moved by that. Looking out of my 17th floor window, somehow I feel the sun is renewing everything. I feel that He is renewing the air, renewing the river, renewing the rooftops. Each atom seems to have itsdestination as it fades into the ultimate reality of some unique dimention. I don’t know if any of them is feeling what I’m feeling or they are all very absorbed in their own purpoe.
They must have their form of intellegence I think. They are so very complex!

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