February 7, 2006

mental health in third world countries

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I was reading a magazine talking about how third world countries have such and such poor mental health awareness and treatment conditions. I don’t know if China is a third world country, but mental health is reallyjust starting to be taken seriously. I remember we do have psychic institutes, but for people with depression or dipolar and etc are not really seen as a disease. I wonder how WHO measure these things, maybe through suicidal rates? I know from school and colleges, you hear about suicides way too often. Radio stations don’t really care about it, but within your own schools or friends of friends, these things go arround. Some people commit suicides becuse of academic pressure. You often hear about parents giving the kid too much pressure that the kid commits suicide. I wonder how much of it is the real pressure and how much of it is chemicals. Maybe it’s ll intertwined.  It once again reminds me of the guy Hangz told me about, the guy who went to med school from our school. He murdered the boyfriend of his dream girl. This thing keeps on hanging over my head because… how many lives has this crushed? At least two, possibly three, four five…
Could anyone have helped Ran by noticing that he is not very mentally healthy at that stage? Is anyone helping him now? He is no longer considered a youth, does that mean he is going to die for the life he has taken? That’s what everyone is saying….
Why does each time I eat McDonald’s, it gives me more and more terrible impression? Okay… probably I should officially say goodbye to my childhood!!
I went to University of Ottawa today with several co-ops to get the tickets for a bus trip to Montreal. The campus is not big but fairly "academic". I don’t really know which word to use! It’s a place where you just feel like… man it must be an academic institution of some sort. The building we went into is a student service building like the SUB in UBC. The bus tickets were sold in an office clled the international development centre. It is decorated somewhat indian and somewhat african. The wall is light orange and there’s funky african music playing at the background. On the wall, there are several clocks showing different itmes of the world. It’s a cute office.

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