February 10, 2006

follow the yellow brick road..

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Will you see the emeral city?
I went to Capital City Missio for the soup and sandwiches for the homeless. It was a very difficult feeling it generated. I think it ws more difficult than what I felt at the door or WISH (a women’s shelter in vancouver). I might be that I have forgotten the feeling almost a year ago, but I don’t hink these things should be a "feeling" to start with.
Yesterday was freezing cold, about -20 not even considering windchll. I was literally hogging Chris for a ride the evening. I thought I’d die outside. The people who were in CCM were not exactly in a good mood either. Even though most didn’t say a word, you could just tell. Janna played some jazz with Chris’s keyboard. When Chris was talking about some Bible stories, Irdon’t know…  I thought if I need to survive on the street during the day, would I still put my heart on being love for God? The thing I can see myself doing is doing something reckless so that I can be warm.
Maybe I don’t really know, maybe by then, one would rely on God so much for his life. I… well, don’t really wanna know how I’d react.
CCM is not really a over night shelter, so by 9 we needed to get people out. It took really long to get people leaving. They didn’t want to go of course.
There was this one guy told me about how he actually came from Okanagan BC, and how they had a farm and his parent separated and he worked for his father for free for a long time and finally he decided to leave to find work. He said he missed vancouver’s ferries. He cursed Ottawa, or I think he meant his situation in life really. His bony hands waving arround and words slurring, he poured out how he hates the politicl situations. I don’t think I was glad about anything but… maybe… he got a chance to complain… once more if he has done so many many times already. He says life has been changing way too often for him.
I wonder what his road of life is like. And what is mine?
GEERing Up offered me an interview opportunity, but refused all my proposals on trying to do something arround Ottawa to demonstrate my ability to lwork with a group of children. I really hoped I could get that job even though it was all that professional. I like teaching and I like kids. Well… now it seems like it’s not going to work out.
Aye… just follow the yellow brick road… I think it will lead to somewhere, not emeral city maybe, but somewhere.

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  1. Jane said,

    Yeah, I keep on wondering why there aren\’t more overnight shelters (b/c there are some day time shelters but night shelter is more needed right?)…someone pointed out that to open one, one needs a permit from the city and staff to stay overnight…but it seems like if you just gave them a room, pretty bare one if you are afraid of things being stolen, then you shouldn\’t have to supervise…cuz if they want to come back the next night, they wouldn\’t steal stuff right? In Van., there\’s that ridiculous law about it must be -4 or something before the shelter can open but -20 seems way too cold…and there doesn\’t seem to be a lack of churches willing to open their doors(I think)

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