February 11, 2006

good mood!

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:06 pm by changisme

I think being physically active is one of those addictions that can keep my mood up. In a way I love to play all the time, but I’m sure I won’t have time when school starts again. Last term, I sort of kept myself from getting insane by swimming every morning. It was a good start of the day, but I don’t know. I shouldn’t compromise to addictions right
Today was very very sunny. I think the ottawa sun is clower to the ground than anywhere I’ve ever been to. they were incredible sunrays that penetrates. Somehow the snow was both frozen by the temperature and cracked open by the sunshine. It must be a really awkward position to be in. The snow on the side of the streets are in layers, a layer of soft snow hten a layer of ice, then a lower of soft snow etc. I wonder if the ice layers have little holes like beehives.

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