February 15, 2006


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A part of me like to hear about people bashing each other’s ideas, and another part of me tries to avoid it like a plague. I think I don’t want myself to redicule others, even though I do in my head. On the other hand, if  just think everything could be good and right, and I ought to have the same attitude towards all of them, or at least work towards that level of "nirvana", then I might as well not to think in my own way. I might as well jst listen to what everyone else thinks and coallesce them. That would be a little distressing actually.
People say, okay, you can be biased, but then you need to know that you could be wrong. This sounds like a perfectly legitamate answer, but somehow, it still doesn’t convince me that I cannot laugh at other people’s ideas. what is the possibility of you being right and someone else being right? From my point of view, it’s really slim, but does that possibility mean anything? t sure does to me, but it doesn’t to the truthfulness of the concept itself.
Today, I was holding the frequency table I produced for work. t’s one of those tables with different catagories of variable 1 on the columns and the same catagorization of variable 2 on the rows. n the cells, there are frequency counts of observations with var 1 = i and var2 = j. Also, in the cells below the counts, there are different kinds of percentages: row percentage, column percentage and overall percentages.  I thought if my thoughts and other people’s the rows, var 1, and the columns are the truthfulness (I don’t really know how many columns there should be, that appears to be anohter subject matter altogether). If only looking a the row percentage, the truthfulness of this thing is probably pretty big. What we usually use to determine the truth by looking at the column, see how many people believe it’s true. However, the overall percentage is not really the truth. I don’t know if you can really find the truth by finding a comprimize between the two.
(okay, I think I’m a little messed up here)…
n any rate, I don’t th9inik being objective is useful, and I don’t see any practical reason for admitting one is biased either.
p.s. I like to nurture my ideas as much as others, but when I came home and saw my carrots and tofu and oil. I felt a little out of wack. the ideas seem to do that to the real world.

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