February 16, 2006

the moon marks my way

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:18 am by changisme

Last night had such a full moon. It felt a little consuming even. I was born on the 14th of the first mont in a lunar year, the night before the full moon and festival. Now that it’s a couple days pasted that, I can consider myself 21 years old already. Whenever is the first month’s full moon. I often thought about how many years ago, this time used to be colliding with the middle of March, and how that is amazing.
My family says that’s why I’m a bit unpredictable-my born near full moon. Also, I guess I try not to be too weird, because afterall, I still belong to the rest of the days. In many sense, I often feel like being caught up in between two carts on a train.
I love the moon, I feel very much belong to it. Even though I often feared darkness, I feel safe and returned to myself when I see the moon. The moon does not have a forceful happiness. I don’ t need to be anything in front of it. Maybe other things, like the sun and the mountains, are too intimidating that I can’t help but resonnate their waves of aura, but the moon is different. It paints a wall of gentle, though still strong, backdrop of smile.
I want to smile to it.

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