February 21, 2006


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I had a … dream last night. I felt a bit of a shudder. I was washing dishes in a foreign kitchen, but it had old soft wooden cupboards. I felt quite at home. I had a nice blue cup for chopstickes. That cup is a very nice height and grip. The blue was like the blue of the ocean, very cheery, bu there’s a big hole on the bottom. The chopsticks kept on going through, it’s like a flower pot. Finally, I got all the chopsticks pointing to the rm of the bottom and carefully put them in the cupboard, but then I discovered there are two little fluffy brown kitten in the cupboard! They moving about for a while, and hten I carefully shut the cupboard. Just then I sensed a incredible breath of evilness, I suddenly yanked the cupboard open wanting to scare the kitties. They did get scared and so was I.
I didn’t really get scared by the kitties, one of which jumped off the cupboard onto the floor, I was scared of myself. What am I?
I don’t really talk in my dreams. Actually, I don’t think in my recent years I ever talk in my dreams at all. The nigth before last, I was in a dream waiting at a bus stop, and I was with Jane. For some reason, Jane gave up waiting and walked into this room on the side of the street and I didn’t want to go. I went in after her anyhow. The room was filled with people and some people were dancing on the stage in front. One of the dancers is my ottawa roommate wearing her feather winter jacket. She had her back to me, but I recognized her anyway. We then went out, and caught the bus. I don’ tknow where we were going, and I didn’t know if the bus goes to my house, and I wondered but I didn’t ask. How strange.


  1. Jane said,

    You dreamed of me! I feel so special now :P…was it like when we went clubbing and danced?

  2. Karen said,

    well, it wasn\’t really like clubbing, we were just watching from the back, sitting, but we were late, so the room was packed. I think there were even people standing behind us, but you were so decisive in what to do and where to go! I was just… following without a clue!!

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