February 24, 2006

conflicting nature

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:39 pm by changisme

I wonder if our conflicting nature is the one thing that causes all the troubles and maybe ultimately ends us. On the other hand, I don’ tknow if it’s also the one thing that is the ancester of all the beauty and dynamics. I was watching Star Trek at dinner, and the borg was dimishing humans for their weakness of conflicting nature. Then I thought about the other day how we can resolve problems easier as individuals and when we become a collective body, troubles become so ultimately unsolvable like an equilibrium of unequilibrium.
Maybe we’re as individuals are not all that much different from our collective bodies in that respect, maybe collectively we are actually forced to face many more problems we would hide from ourselves otherwise. It’s almost like a giant. It walks so much more clumsily, becaus eits arms and legs are heavy, but it’s nimble for it’s scale and all the specles are so obvious because they are amplified.
If I think about it that way, I might be able to accept the world a little better. I myself have so many problems and I do get distressed over it, but it’s somehow workable. It’s acceptable and I somehow know things will work out. The world might have problems of much bigger scales, because they are the amplified version of our own problems and conflicts, but still, it’s just like my weakness, as bad as it is, it’s not a bottomless abyss. We can work with it, and it will be okay.

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