March 4, 2006

Quebecoi margarine

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:44 am by changisme

I just listened to a radio show about Quebec culture. There was a little radio drama about a young man in Quebec bought a box of margerin and when he opened up the lid, IT’S YELLOW!! He is shocked because in Quebec yellow margerin is not allowed. There is a standard of colour. To exagerate, the young man was in a panick and phoned the supermarket and environment canada and so on. Finally, he drove to Ontario to leave it at the border but ontario police pulled over and said he can’t litter… LOL
The ban is for the protection of butter the rival dairy product. It is said that the 11,000 dairy farmers would be threatened if the margarine looks the same as butter.I’m not really laughing at the policy, but just the show. It is really funny. If only I know french better! I really want to go explore the french canadian culture. It does actually more different than even vancouver from ottawa even though distance is the other way around.
Then I thought about how much north americans travel accross the country. Much more moving than most other countries I believe. On the one hand it narrows the differences between different provinces. On the other hand, it doesn’t quite allow unique cultures to develop. I don’t really know which one I prefer, because somehow the other extreme would be accompanied by the alienation fromt he nonself.
I thought about people who don’t leave beijing pretty much their whole life. Beijing is certainly large and crazy enough for someone to explore for their whole life, but at the same time, it encloses one in their own fantasy of the city. People are no longer looking at the city and its issues with perspectives. These perspectives can’t be developped by simply following a tour and do sightseeing. One has to allow changes and growth to happen.

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