March 8, 2006

hockey stop

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:39 pm by changisme

I went to camp fortune again today. It was great fun because I went on to this more interesting trail called Sparks. It’s not terribly steep, but a little bit more so than Skyline and Allan’s Alley. There are also some narrow places and sharp turns. I had a lot of fun.
I did tumble over quite a few tims today when I try to work out my hockey stops on the steeper hill. I just the idea in my mind, but not on my body. Sometimes I don’t jump enough and sometimes my two skis don’t dump in unison in terms of their pressure; some other times, I jumped too dramatically. The good thing was that it didn’t hurt when I tumble, so I’m still brave to do anything haha.
Well… talking about hockey stop, my project is not going so well, and I pretty much ad to stop today, becxause we couldn’t get over the fact that the farms report their taxes so differently from the surveys… Why don’t they anyway? They want good tax returns.. well, then report the same thing on the survey? LOL So they have some morale that they want the Agriculture to get good data,b ut not so much for revenue canada. LOL
Oh well… we probably need to get a big variance… We will think about that. I hope my work can resume though. Don’t like to just stop right there, better have some big tumbles and get up and go.

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