March 13, 2006


Posted in Uncategorized at 7:05 pm by changisme

How It’s Made showed two segments back to back, and one of it was how crystal wine glasses are made. It was such delicate job! The melting of the crystal, the molding of the bowl, the shaping of the stem and the foot…. Oh and the patterns too. they are all made by hand with men eyeballing the precision. When checking the quality, experienced crystalwear makers listen to the sound and wing them in a circle to see if they are in good shape etc.
Right after this segment, it played how plastic disposable cups and cutleries are made!! They are just spit out of the machine in the hundred. When i see those forks drop down from the massive machine and get carried away by the surface that they land on, I suddenly feel really sad. They just looked like poor little people having no control of their lives and are not valued.
Maybe they are like animals. I wonder how we can slaughter animal by the masses. Or maybe they are like humans. Produced somehow without their control and just chucked away for whatever reason.
Why do I accept things like that? Maybe it’s just that it’s not hurting me so it’s not of top priority? I know you very well Karen, don’t I…

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