March 15, 2006


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I’ve been trying to get my chinese setup for the past three days!! I somehow set it up, but it stopped working because I fiddled around with it. Now I feel desparate wanting to blog omething in Chinese!
Before we went up to camp fortune tonight, we had a nice little dinner at this nice little restaurant near Chelsey. It’s a french restaurant ont he Quebec side and it’s called something like Soupe Ord’eour or something or the sort. I had a nice lentil soup and a wrap. The meal tasted more indian than anything else. The presentation was beautiful and the seating itself was like a very family style. I loved it so much.
Today was the last wednesday we went up to Camp Fortune and I saw Bill there, but didn’t see Rick and didn’t see Ron. I felt kinda sad because I didn’t even get to say good-bye to them, and I don’t know when I will be seeing them again. The whole cabin felt a bit deserted, the old crowdedness from the school bus was totally gone. I felt my fun is winding down as well. I don’t know when I’m going to be with these people again. This saturday maybe for the fairwell? Next year, they will be together again, and I will be once again driven by my books. Why do I want to do some things sometimes? Why do I want school and why do I want to ski? It seems neither giives me fulfillment.
You might think I wanna conclude in, "oh only God gives me the eternal happiness" eh? But I haven’t even learnt that. Isn’t it silly?

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  1. Jane said,

    u went camping?! lol, I\’ll try not be too jealous…but yeah, if you ended in "only God gives you eternal happiness", I think I\’d shudder and relate it to the exemplar essays we were shown in China that always ended on a variation of "let\’s study hard so we can contribute to Si Hua/construction of our homeland\’s socialism" or "how happy it is to walk down the bright, broad path of socialism"….um, not that I would doubt your sincerity if u did…man, I\’m contradicting myself…

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