March 22, 2006

okay, it was such a weird afternoon…

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Today started out weird by Peter and I coughing and rinsing our noses in front of each other when we were discussing our project. It made both of us laugh (and/or cough). It was quite a scene. Then in the afternoon, I went to ask Danny about a cake shop because we want to buy Agnes a bday cake, and I think I might have had a big grin on my face. Danny’s first question to me was… "Why are you do giddy?" "Did you just have a donut?"
Uhhhh… *I faint*
Anywayz, I came home early today just for my interviews on the phone. The first one with with Inpharmatica, this genomics company. The interviewer’s name was Eric, and he was very nice, but it was very weird, because he’s only been with the company for two months! What’s more, he’s a scientist, and doesn’t sound like a marketing person at all. But my potential assisgnment sounds very marketing like. Just imagine, the first thing he told me through the phone was that, he broke his thumb skiing in San Diego…
Uhhhhh…. *I double faint*
The second interview was unpleasantly weird. There were three people on the other end, but two didn’t say a thing. Only the technical person asked me questions. There were mostly math related. BUT THEY WOULDN’T TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT THE COMPANY OR WHAT I WOULD DO!! What d heck… They said it’s because of confidentiality. I got a little mad, and when they asked me about my work at Stats Can, I kicked them back with, oh sorry, it’s confidential! Well…i didn’t exactly say that, i just told them less than i could have, plus it is confidential in certain areas.
The second job sounds like I wouldn’t be able to go to SEW this summer, but it’s more what I want to do, even though… they didn’t even tell me what I would be doing. Oh man, I can’t believe it.

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