March 26, 2006

forgot to close the window last night!!

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Yeah, thats what I did, and I felt realy cold in the morning. At night, I probably did too, but when I’m asleep, I can’t tell. I didn’t really think of the window being open, because my sleeping bag is kinda summerish, this whole winter, I always felt kinda cold, and I just put a jacket over it. The spring came last week, and I thought it was the winter coing again. In the morning, I got up and walked around and wondered how come he air is so fresh inside. Then I realized I didn’t close the window in the living room. LOL
I hope I didn’t waste too much energy for my landlord…. wooo it would be pretty bad.
* * *
The hostage from Iraq is back. I wonder what he’s feeling right now, the first real survivor. CBC interviewed the pastor of the parish he’s from, and the pastor said he never doubted the home coming of his spiritual brother. Aye… I wonder if a family member of mine is kidnapped like that, would I keep being that faithful? OH STOP KAREN!!
Anyway, I dont’t wanna think about it.
* * *
I got an email that made me smile.

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  1. Zigang said,

    Dear Karen,
    Here is a story of a former POW. During the many years of confinement, the only things that kept him alive and sane was the confidence that his wife was waiting for him. Knowledge becomes truth faith when tested in real life situations, just as the glaze stays and shines on a clay pot only after the whole thing is fired.

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