March 30, 2006


Posted in Uncategorized at 9:00 pm by changisme

I had my 3rd and 4th drink today since I came to Ottawa. I think I like the alcohol I’ve had so far other than beer. i really don’t like beer and it gets to me too. Those other liquor, I actually can handle pretty well. but the thing is, I don’t really get much feeling out of it. I just like to try different kinds. Each time I pick something I’ve never tried before. People say they get some very trans-like feeling after they drink, but I don’t… probably I haven’t had enough. I think I like those fruity drinks more for the fruity taste.
I thought about Plotty today, and how she’s doing with her beer gardens LOL. What’s this with people getting into drinking when they are away from home??
The sad thing is that… i don’t really feel what "drunk" feels like, not that I want to. The good thing is that I feel that my blood flows about warmly in my body. Mmmmm. I love that feeling.
I hope I can have a good sleep tonight! Man… I miss chatting with my Vancouver friends though.

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