April 28, 2006

It’s fascinating how brains work

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It’s said that autistic children are more sensitive to noise. Most of the times they don’t like unexpected noises very much as I heard. Quinn, the two-year-old in my house is totally a noise lover. Mind you, he makes most of the noises downstairs, so I don’t really get disturbed in my room.
Quinn loves to throw things onto the floor to make noises, and he laughs happily when I boo him! Even though he can’t speak English LOL, he is "talking" every second.
* * *
I was reading the Princess and the Goblins, in which the ugly goblins gate rhymes because they can neither make any of their own, nor remember any told to them. I guess it’s really something out of control eh? It reminds me of how many fiction series are about alien invasion. Aliens are all so scary because they are out of our control. Even for people who love adventures, it almost seems that they love adventures because the unknown is scary. I wonder if it’s a very human emotion that we should just embrace or is it affected by our parents and upbringing. Are the adventurousness of children the same as the adventurousness of adults? Really… what should my attitude be to the unknown? It’s an honest question, because there are so much that is unknown to me. I almost feel that I need to dive into many things without knowing what’s really in there… very vague hehe.

April 27, 2006

Back to goalball!!

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Well, not exactly, because I was playing in Ottawa too, but it’s different, because the gang is right here in Vancouver!! This time doesn’t all count because Shawn and Stacey are not here!!!
Doug and Ken and Shane are all very well, so is Bobbie. Then there’s Mohamod and Clem. i miet them last summer actually. I didn’t talk to Clem until today, I did run with Mohamad though. He’s so quiet that I had to squeeze him for an answer. LOL. He’s a nice kid though.
Clem on the other hand is overflowing with words. I just found out he’s Chinese too. That makes the second Chinese around here. Okay, we are working on our final take over. LOL!
The games were just okayish. I didn’t do so well as a centre in the second half of our second game. We got mercied. I ned to be wipped to shape I think. I kept on losing it. The kids are good actually. Ithink they’ll really make a good junior team. I wonder where Scott is in this. He went to the traning camp end of last year. I hope Jeff didn’t freak him out. Hehe.
* * *
I’m finally unpacked. The only thing left to do is to put books and stationaries in the bookshelf and on the desk, but those can’t be done until the shelf and the desk are ready. I will wait. No hurries. Ron, my landlord, is quite busy and is already being very supportive. I’ve never had a landlord this nice. I really hope that I can do my best to be a good friend with them, and I hope being busy with school and work later on will not change me into this geeky selfish person once again. God help me!
* * *
I went back to Boyd today. It’s been three years since I graduated. Can you believe it? It’s this place, I first opened my eyes to the Canadian culture, and it’s this place that transformed my personality, it is this place that handed me a box that was full of my own body parts, showing me that other people can e;mbrace a lot about me and not judge. It was later on that I finally went through the bx, well, actually I’m still going through it, that I got to accept many things in there.
Everyone seemed to be so busy though. I didn’t get to talk to anyone, but it was nice to see them still. I stook there listened to some after school practice of a group of jazz band kids. It struck me that every single member in that band is strange to me now. It’s a total new batch, unlike previous years, I still knew some people who were in lower grades when I was there. I feel that this world is turning, really turning.
Mrs Vaughan has a new hair style and was doing Calculus with her AP class. I could help but smile. I still remember so many moments when Mamo Chan, Charlie Brown and Plotty were in that class. Mrs. Vaughan was a good teacher in many ways. I didn’t see Mr. Park, but I heard from Mrs Colins that he just had a baby boy, Brandon. Oh man, how come so many people are having babies these days?? (suddenly think of Jane’s entry about older people we meet :p).
The sad thing was that Mr. Barsley wasn’t there!! He’s the most important person I want to see, because by rumour, he’s retiring next year. I want to go back again tomorrow or at least after I come back from Alberta. His room remains and the poster of "The Earth Sucks" still there. These physics teachers I admire so much… aye… if I ever become a teacher, I feel that I will only disappoint myself.

April 26, 2006

By the water

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It was a wonderful afternoon/even yesterday as I walked on the dyke with Mr. Freeman, it’s been such a long time!! I think the most natural moments is also the most human moments really. I hear the sounds of the birds and waves, the grass in the wind, I didn’t want to use my clumsy words to disrupt the harmony, but I did feel that the warmth of human company is all very much together with what was around me.
Who said we have too much human disruption that we can’t feel the nature anymore, I smile for I am not alone as all the birds sing in the spring festival.
After leaving the shore, we went to Indian food. The restaurant was empty, but the food was nice. Maybe because it was a Monday evening. We both ordered mild not medium or hot, but wow, that was quite a stimulent. In a way it was good, because when we went out a gain, it was chilly. The night gives a different tone. It was more sentimental. I wondered where the birds are. They were gone. I hope not everyone else leave as I miss many of them. Maybe it’s scary because I know myself, and I know I will probably forget some of them a lot of times. I will just go on living selfishly and not think about them as I do now, but who am I that I should be that good of a friend? I’m just this silly little person who regret all the time… I do really.

April 24, 2006

New house

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Here we go, I’m settled and hooked up!
I got to Vancouver yesterday 8:00 PM, but didn’t get out of the airport until 9:30, because I couldn’t find the luggages until at the end I found it in the "fragile" section. I don’t know why they would think my conforter and clothes were fragile, but anyhow, I didn’t lose them.
Ron came to pick me up. He’s a solid looking man with an incredible lust for humour. We drove home from the airport. At night, the only thing I could see was a gigantic tree in front of the house, very impressive.
Tara, ron’s wife was in the kitchen, making some kind of night snack. We talked a bit, but my mind was totally fogged up. Ron hallled the bed from downstiars up, and I slept all the way till 6:30, which was wonderful considering I am jetlegged. I have three windows in my room. It’s the best I’ve ever lived in. All of them have beautiful views, although none of them is very big.
During the day, I saw the garden and also met Zander and Quinn Ron and Tara’s boys. Very sweet. Today’s Zander’s birthday and they are having hotpot in half an hour. This caucassian family is so adapted to the chinese neighbourhood that Zander likes noodle for breakfast.
Ron is very kind and brought me to Ikea to buy me a bookshelf, small carpet and matress box. I find that i don’t know how to shop for furnitures :p
Now the house is very lively. It reminds me of the time when I was living with little Jessica. I kind of miss her actually, but she’s all grown up now, a girl in her puberty. I can’t imagine, in 4 years, kids can grow thismuch. I sound old don’t I?

April 22, 2006

which part of the band am I?

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You scored as Keyboardist. You’re a Keyboardist! You gotta spacy frame of mind and enjoy sweeping soundscapes. You often feel underrated and weird.











Where do I fit in the BAND?
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okay… this is interesting…

April 21, 2006

Crazy and sad night

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We went to Mexicali Rosa’s for our farewell party tonight. We were so late, because people were cleaning up their offices at the last minute. It was such a crazy time though. We had our food and made our jokes, and I had my promised mug of beer, which was so filling that I couldn’t finish my Quesadia! (Btw, I think I’m done with alcohol, well, tomorrow I think I’ll have some just out of curtesy, but I really think I don’t like it. I can’t even tell the differences, and don’t get hyper when I drink, what’s the point LOL)
Anyway, then came the highlight of the night!!
We did our gift exchange. What happened before this was that a month ago, we wrote all the people’s name on slips of papers and put in a bag, and picked randomly. Each person got their secret person to shop for a gift, and the gift is not to be very expensive but need to be funny and representative of our time here together. It was sooo funny that tonight we just found out Speedy and Tim got each other!!! That in itself was very very representative! *wink wink giggle giggle*
Fiona got Jethro a pan!! just for his health and I got Caroll a comedy DVD about a plant because she killed her plant during this term. Dela got a bunch of tea (the tea girl). Jethro gave Fiona a contract of doing something together in the next week, since they are still gonna be here for another week.
another highlight of the night. okay this is literally highlight.
We almost caused a fire. Dela was unwrapping her gift and the tissue paper caught fire formt he candle. That paper is so easy to burn that it suddenly just made a big flame. Dela through it on the ground, and I hopped up to step on it without much success. Then we poured ice water on it. I wasn’t so scared because I knew that it would stop cuz it’s just a little tissue, but it was really bright in the not so big restaurant LOL.
After we left, I just bought some bagel across the street for Steve, because he always talked about the kettleman’s Bagel. I am quite excited that I happened to come across the shop for him.
When we were at the bus stop, we talked a bit, but when we were parting, I felt a big wave of sadness. I don’t think it will be easy for us to get altogether like this again. Jethro looked sad too. I felt like cuddle up with everyone for an hour, well, of course time didn’t permit.
Oh man, this entry lasted after midnight, it’s supposed to be on april 21st. It’s a special day for me.

April 20, 2006

sunny sunny day!!

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Today was especially sunny because I think my presentation went well. It was in the morning, and I was kind of nervous at first, plus the smart screen didn’t work, so I had to run over to the mouse whenever I needed to click it. Nonetheless, I got into the rythm, and it went well. Claude, my chief kept on asking me questions throughout the presentation, that made me less nervous, because I was engaged in some kind of discussion with him at least.
I was supposed to meet up with my clients in the afternoon too, but they cancelled the meeting. I ended up meeting up with Peter and walked over the evaluation. He gave me a pretty high grade, which was great. LOL, also my report was made confidential, so I don’t need to bug Iqbal for giving me back the report after he marks it. Tomorrow, I wll have a farewell lunch with my section in Siam Bistro. It’s going to be interesting.
Peter also gave me this Agriculture Calendar from stats can. It has nice kiddie drawings of cows and stuff on them. Oh, and I also had a meeting with Paul Hunsburger, and he said they would let me do another co-op sometime in the future, a term of my choice, and just give them 4 months notice. That’s kind of nice, I like Ottawa.
Later on today, i went to shopping with Steve. i had to buy my boss a gift, which I got. Zt’s a plant from the Market. Steve needed a gift for his roommie, but he didn’t find one! We went to some very interesting kitchen gadget store, and there were so many interesting things! There was this rubbery garlic skinner. it’s like a pouch, and you put the garlic in and rub it, and you can even mash the garlic without making your hands smell like garlic. There was also an interesting orange peeler, which I’ve never used. There were a lot of egg things too, like egg slicer, egg holder…
After that, we sort of gave up on Jeff’s present and went to eat Pho. This was the third time I went to Pho Van Van!! Anyway, Steve had Pho for the first time, and he did a good job with it. i think he’s like my grandpa, who eats so little when it comes to everything else, but quite a bit when it comes to noodle, noodle in soup especially.
I was reading the book of Ruth, and I find it hard to actually read in between the lines while the book was written so far back. I can usually read between the lines if I’m in the same culture as the author, because then I know what’s just normally what people say and what’s not. In those old books however, I usually just assumed that… oh they say that probably all the books back then were like that. I guess I just need to have more experience reading such things.

April 19, 2006

Projection Unit

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Today I was playing with the projection unit at the meeting room I will be doing presentation tomorrow. It’s actually a very neat toy! Quite fancy indeed. The computer in that room has a wireless mouse, so I can hold the mouse while I’m talking and click wherever I am, but I don’t really need to, because the large projection screen itself is also one of those touchable (??) ones. I can just move the mouse by touching the screen, or tap the screen. The projector is hanging from the ceiling and can be controled by a remote control. There’s a very long menu to control the brightness and color and everthing. Oh one more thing! It’s also fun becxause you can actually use special markers to draw on that big screen like on a black board. Oh man, I love that toy. There’s one big draw back of it though. It has a glare when the projector shines on it. I think the reason they made it so smooth is for the markers to be erasable. I’m not really sure if you can really draw on it, because I didn’t dare doing it. I didn’t see anyone else do it, and was afraid that I would get in trouble, but I had such an urge to do it!! I’m grown up now though LOL.
Sylvain was so funny today! In his admin meeting today, it was his turn to bring treats. Usually, people bring the standard bakes or store made donuts/brownies. He brought three big buckets of fruit mix!! He dos promote healthy living I guess, except that he was the one who wanted to go for poutine for so many times. Anyway, he cutted banana in front of everyone during the meeting!! Oh man, I can’t think of another 30 something year old government professional who don’t even wear T-shirt to work doing this. The fruit mix was actually very carefully prepared. He even cutted grapes one by one. 3 pieces each grape!! Or maybe four for some. There is a big variaty of fruits, like pineapple, pears, etc. It must have taken him a long while to prepare the whole 3 buckets.

April 18, 2006

Spring birds

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Birds have come out a long time ago, but I still feel fascinated by their songs. Many species claim their territories by singing in certain ways. I somehow have this interesting image of us humans skipping and walking around the country and sing out our territories and meet the neighbours along the way, maybe singing some foreign languages.


Some birds sing to their loved ones. Humans do that to a certain degree, not as much as i wish!! Voices have very strong appeals actually. If my white knight sang to me, I’d dy on the spot!!

April 16, 2006

My Fib Poem

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to you
beloved ones
I hold up my heart
there is always a piece for you
come join the Fib poem game!!

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