April 8, 2006

our minds

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:34 pm by changisme

I was wondering what choice means. If we really do have choices, and I think we do, then maybe it’s really true that those physicist say even if we know all the inner working of everything, we still can’t predict the outcome of mechanims for sure. Afterall, we are just some intricate summation of particles.Somehow, the probabilities of our making certain choices are there, but ultimately when we make them, we are using our minds in a different way. I wonder what it would be like if when someone make their decisions, they calculate the probability of his making different decisions. I think that would be really fun, although it doesn’t mean one can’t make a very unprobable choice. Statistics doesn’t really mean anything just for one person right?


  1. Yuan said,

    a statistic student….

  2. Jane said,

    "statistics doesn\’t mean anything for just one person" – but then u said one person is an intricate summation of particles…lol, my prof\’s whole schpill about scale……see, that implies if we understand emergent properties then we\’ll understand ourselves (and the cause of wars etc etc…..see how useful mathematics is! 😛 )

  3. Karen said,

    I guess it also depends on how you\’re planning to apply the probability, if you\’re applying it to a unit as in one person, the you can\’t use just one person as data study, but if you are applying on a unit of one particle, then the study of a human of particles seem to be sufficient. Man, I really wish studying of physics and math can be more leading towards peace than war man, who knows… it seems to be the other way to me.

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