April 12, 2006

citizenship ceremony

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So now Im a cannuck. What does it feel like? It feels lik… what’s next?
It was an interesting morning. I got there fairly early, and after waiting for awhile, a guy came up to me and said, "Hey I know you from the Navs!" Well, true enough, but I couldn’t remember his name! I felt kinda embarrassed to ask, and just let it be. Apparently, he was accompanying his friends to this ceremony, and just so happened that I’m there at the same time. So the good news is, that I actually had a picture.
When I went into the room (where I took the exam as well), I was seated at the right side of the room. On my right, there was a family from Africa, and on my left was a guy from the Carribeans. It was very interesting, and the judge said we were 94 people from 32 countries. I was really amazed by the diversity.
What’s more interesting is that a guy called Steve in our wrap up dinner with the Ski Howks actually works for citizenship Canada. He said Ottawa is one of the very few places actually conduct a real ceremony. The reason is that there are not as many people immigrate here as that in Toronto or Vancouver. My mom said when she went to take the test, there were 80% chinese in the Vancouver testing centre, so I was very fascinated by the diversity.
The judge was very enthusiastic about us moving to Canada, but she said that she’s born in Ottawa and raised and still live in Ottawa. She’s never moved out of the area all her life. Actually I think before I came to Canada,i could still imagine that, but now it seems pretty crazy. Everyone in Canada seems to be hopping around, but if I think about my friends and family in Beijing, they are pretty much staying in the same city all their lives. My aunt lived and married and is still living in the same little district. None of my friends is thinking about moving out of Beijing unless they come out of the country. It seems like the highest level they stay before going abroad. It’s a little sad how this perception of Bejing being better than anywhere else went about. Most people don’t even want to go away for college unless they don’t have good enough grades.
I think it would be so nice if people can change this way of thinking. It makes it a lot more balanced when people are going to each others’ provinces, and the entrance grades for U’s in Beijing wouldn’t be so high and people from Beijing wouldn’t come abroad and be so disappointed. Aye.. I’m just talking about other people, but if you ask me to go somewhere without good internet access, I’d probably go crazy.

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  1. Jane said,

    I know, on some level I\’d hate to be in Vancouver all my life but it\’s scary to be at a place that\’s not home…it just doesn\’t feel quite right….like even Vancouver doesn\’t feel like home for me, Richmond still does, just like how Toronto used to feel like home and Suzhou before that
    Your ceremony does sound more diverse…mine was like almost 100% Chinese

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