April 13, 2006

full moon

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:13 pm by changisme

It’s full moon today and things just went kinda weird. Usually Jethro is the one who has the bad luck and the rest of us have either normal or good luck. Today, however, he transferred all his bad luck to Caroll, Tim and me. Caroll just had quite a few annoyances today, Tim missed his bus by seconds, as for me, I’m having a toothache after many many years of not having one.
I guess it’s the full moon eh? It’s actually quite beautiful. It’s not the kinda of beauty a new moon has. The new moon is like a girl who’s shy and fragile. The full moon is a blunt and confident young women, not hiding anything. She’s so proud.
I want a fairy tonight.

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  1. rukia said,

    Je ne sais pas encore si je vais aller à Montrèal…  well, and still waiting for reply from the U… 
    ouch, toothache.  @_@\’\’  Hope you get it fixed soon.

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