April 21, 2006

Crazy and sad night

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We went to Mexicali Rosa’s for our farewell party tonight. We were so late, because people were cleaning up their offices at the last minute. It was such a crazy time though. We had our food and made our jokes, and I had my promised mug of beer, which was so filling that I couldn’t finish my Quesadia! (Btw, I think I’m done with alcohol, well, tomorrow I think I’ll have some just out of curtesy, but I really think I don’t like it. I can’t even tell the differences, and don’t get hyper when I drink, what’s the point LOL)
Anyway, then came the highlight of the night!!
We did our gift exchange. What happened before this was that a month ago, we wrote all the people’s name on slips of papers and put in a bag, and picked randomly. Each person got their secret person to shop for a gift, and the gift is not to be very expensive but need to be funny and representative of our time here together. It was sooo funny that tonight we just found out Speedy and Tim got each other!!! That in itself was very very representative! *wink wink giggle giggle*
Fiona got Jethro a pan!! just for his health and I got Caroll a comedy DVD about a plant because she killed her plant during this term. Dela got a bunch of tea (the tea girl). Jethro gave Fiona a contract of doing something together in the next week, since they are still gonna be here for another week.
another highlight of the night. okay this is literally highlight.
We almost caused a fire. Dela was unwrapping her gift and the tissue paper caught fire formt he candle. That paper is so easy to burn that it suddenly just made a big flame. Dela through it on the ground, and I hopped up to step on it without much success. Then we poured ice water on it. I wasn’t so scared because I knew that it would stop cuz it’s just a little tissue, but it was really bright in the not so big restaurant LOL.
After we left, I just bought some bagel across the street for Steve, because he always talked about the kettleman’s Bagel. I am quite excited that I happened to come across the shop for him.
When we were at the bus stop, we talked a bit, but when we were parting, I felt a big wave of sadness. I don’t think it will be easy for us to get altogether like this again. Jethro looked sad too. I felt like cuddle up with everyone for an hour, well, of course time didn’t permit.
Oh man, this entry lasted after midnight, it’s supposed to be on april 21st. It’s a special day for me.

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