April 27, 2006

Back to goalball!!

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Well, not exactly, because I was playing in Ottawa too, but it’s different, because the gang is right here in Vancouver!! This time doesn’t all count because Shawn and Stacey are not here!!!
Doug and Ken and Shane are all very well, so is Bobbie. Then there’s Mohamod and Clem. i miet them last summer actually. I didn’t talk to Clem until today, I did run with Mohamad though. He’s so quiet that I had to squeeze him for an answer. LOL. He’s a nice kid though.
Clem on the other hand is overflowing with words. I just found out he’s Chinese too. That makes the second Chinese around here. Okay, we are working on our final take over. LOL!
The games were just okayish. I didn’t do so well as a centre in the second half of our second game. We got mercied. I ned to be wipped to shape I think. I kept on losing it. The kids are good actually. Ithink they’ll really make a good junior team. I wonder where Scott is in this. He went to the traning camp end of last year. I hope Jeff didn’t freak him out. Hehe.
* * *
I’m finally unpacked. The only thing left to do is to put books and stationaries in the bookshelf and on the desk, but those can’t be done until the shelf and the desk are ready. I will wait. No hurries. Ron, my landlord, is quite busy and is already being very supportive. I’ve never had a landlord this nice. I really hope that I can do my best to be a good friend with them, and I hope being busy with school and work later on will not change me into this geeky selfish person once again. God help me!
* * *
I went back to Boyd today. It’s been three years since I graduated. Can you believe it? It’s this place, I first opened my eyes to the Canadian culture, and it’s this place that transformed my personality, it is this place that handed me a box that was full of my own body parts, showing me that other people can e;mbrace a lot about me and not judge. It was later on that I finally went through the bx, well, actually I’m still going through it, that I got to accept many things in there.
Everyone seemed to be so busy though. I didn’t get to talk to anyone, but it was nice to see them still. I stook there listened to some after school practice of a group of jazz band kids. It struck me that every single member in that band is strange to me now. It’s a total new batch, unlike previous years, I still knew some people who were in lower grades when I was there. I feel that this world is turning, really turning.
Mrs Vaughan has a new hair style and was doing Calculus with her AP class. I could help but smile. I still remember so many moments when Mamo Chan, Charlie Brown and Plotty were in that class. Mrs. Vaughan was a good teacher in many ways. I didn’t see Mr. Park, but I heard from Mrs Colins that he just had a baby boy, Brandon. Oh man, how come so many people are having babies these days?? (suddenly think of Jane’s entry about older people we meet :p).
The sad thing was that Mr. Barsley wasn’t there!! He’s the most important person I want to see, because by rumour, he’s retiring next year. I want to go back again tomorrow or at least after I come back from Alberta. His room remains and the poster of "The Earth Sucks" still there. These physics teachers I admire so much… aye… if I ever become a teacher, I feel that I will only disappoint myself.

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