April 28, 2006

It’s fascinating how brains work

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:21 pm by changisme

It’s said that autistic children are more sensitive to noise. Most of the times they don’t like unexpected noises very much as I heard. Quinn, the two-year-old in my house is totally a noise lover. Mind you, he makes most of the noises downstairs, so I don’t really get disturbed in my room.
Quinn loves to throw things onto the floor to make noises, and he laughs happily when I boo him! Even though he can’t speak English LOL, he is "talking" every second.
* * *
I was reading the Princess and the Goblins, in which the ugly goblins gate rhymes because they can neither make any of their own, nor remember any told to them. I guess it’s really something out of control eh? It reminds me of how many fiction series are about alien invasion. Aliens are all so scary because they are out of our control. Even for people who love adventures, it almost seems that they love adventures because the unknown is scary. I wonder if it’s a very human emotion that we should just embrace or is it affected by our parents and upbringing. Are the adventurousness of children the same as the adventurousness of adults? Really… what should my attitude be to the unknown? It’s an honest question, because there are so much that is unknown to me. I almost feel that I need to dive into many things without knowing what’s really in there… very vague hehe.

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