May 8, 2006

my room is finally in shape

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:14 am by changisme

Okay, Ron helped me nailed the bookshelf today. My, not so many, books have now assumed their proper positions rather than piling up on the floor. I put a square of rug on the floor and it looks quite nice.  I dissembled last years animal calendar and it’s all over my wall. Those are very beautiful pictures, but I feel sad in a way that they are all static… in other word, dead. I don’t know animals in their dynamic lives, especially the small ones. It’s pathetic that they are more like fake flowers to me.
I miss Illa, the three year old dog I fell in love with in Italy. I loved seeing her as a dynamic being. She had ranking, she had to shower, she had to be trained to behave, not a picture that looked "super cute".

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