May 13, 2006


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今天张亦带了UC的讨论.我们不知道怎么谈起"罪"的问题.大家说得火热,其实都在说人是不是有罪性,还是只有罪行.大家一个个都承认人人都有罪行,但有的人不觉得人是有罪性的.其实我也不明白为什么一定要有"原罪"这么一个字眼儿.知道我们不是完美的,不就达到目的了吗?"罪"是要"犯"了才是"罪"的.It doesn’t matter if you’re committing by thoughts or deeds, you have to commit it, then it’s sin. Why do we need to have this concept of "original sin" if we can all agree that we sin anyway?
I think the point of fact is that people just want a frame work, a system to contain all these things, so they can discribe by words what everything comes from. They make up the system just for the sake of having that system. If we don’t think the way the old mythological world did, why do we ned to reshape our minds just so that we can have a system that somewhat resembles the old?


  1. Jane said,

    I have a hard time understanding how sins comitted by thought are different than "thought-crimes, cuz e should have the freedom to think what we want right? like it doesn\’t seem wrong to play out different scenarios in our head..

  2. Karen said,

    Yeah, I don\’t really know either, but I think in a perfect world, people would think "perfectly" if there is such a thing, but since we are not perfect, we sort of have to accept that we do think about bad things. I don\’t think I should deny the fact that I do commit thought crimes, and the difference should be in what I deal with that thought rather than whether or not I\’ve committed it, cuz I think that should be pretty clear. I don\’t think thought crime is a matter of try to commit it or not, it\’s more of a realizing that we do commit it. The thing to keep in mind is that guilt is of no value.

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