May 16, 2006


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Oh and by the way, who else talk to themselves aloud? I do…. I think it’s probably really weird. On the bus, I always see people like that. I found another yesterday, and he just babbles non-stop. In a way, I think he looked like he’s hiding it, but he still doesn’t stop talking to himself.
I do when I think I’m by myself, or when I walk on the sidewalk where hardly anyone passes by, or when I’m biking. Why do people want to do that anyway? I think I do that a lot less nowadays because there are so many nice people around me listen to me talking!! I used to do that a lot when I was younger, it’s insane isn’t it??
Another reason could just be… I’ve grown older and more desciplined by the societal norm.


  1. Yuan said,

    呵呵,proof-reading is needed….

  2. Karen said,


  3. Jane said,

    haha…I like Shrek too and slips into talking myself when there\’s no one else around…

  4. panther said,


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