May 22, 2006

the drive

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:34 pm by changisme

On the way to shopping, my mom was talking to me about different people all work hard and earn their fortune. Many buy big houses and so on. I said that if I want something, I usually can be wreckless enough to get it. I’m just a go getter, but the fact about earning a fortune is that I really dont’ have the drive.
She said, "Okay, that’s because you don’t have a concrete goal. Now, I give you a goal." Your next goal is to buy a house in Vancouver." I was kind of baffled. Wow…
I do really understand that she counts on me and I always thought that we will share the same roof when I’m established, but it came out really odd when she actually says it. She said that a year ago, she wanted to buy a house or an apartment but I didn’t want to take care of it, so she didn’t buy it. Somehow she thinks that I’m regretting my short-sightedness and want to work for a house.
Really, I didn’t know how to deny it, because it all came out just very very odd.

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