May 29, 2006


Posted in Uncategorized at 2:47 pm by changisme

我总在想,中文很多名字真是让人想不通,代数为什么叫代数,也许是因为常用笼统的甲,乙,丙将数论公理化.这还好猜.但几何为什么叫几何呢?我在网上到处也找不到.我想,"何"好像是有形的意思吧,几呢,自然是有数的意思啦.也不知道我猜得对不对.我想,应该去问问张杭,他可能知道吧.I even googled in English, to find how the chinese name for "geometry" came along, I haven’t found anything understandable. It’s amazing how language evolves throughout the years. i don’t even know if "geometry" was taken seriously by the academia three thousand years ago.

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