May 30, 2006


Posted in Uncategorized at 8:02 am by changisme

It’s all just very annoying. The courses i want to take are mostly in the first term. I have 6 courses I need to take in the first term, and only 4 in the second. All of them are only offered in one term!! Can you believe it? Arggg. I even thought about taking them next year, but the problem will be that… I was hoping to get a co-op job first term next year, and graduate after second term. The only course I’m sort of thinking about dropping is Linear Algebra because it’s so common that it’s pretty much offered all the time even in the summer. On the other hand, It’s been more than two years since I took the pre-req and I will need some of that stuff in another course.Why can’t UBC just be this much greedier and give us some more opportunity to spend our money?? Stats department is very nasty, both Experiment Design and Regression are offered only in one term and they need to be taken together. What d heck, i don’t want to stay in undergrad for 7 years!
So… since I need to make a decision, I will drop Linear Algebra, not that it’s a beautiful decision or anything, but well.. it’s called "Applied Linear Algebra", so I assume that it will use the theory we learnt in Intro and use them?? Then I’ll just try using them in Geometry. You’re just trying to linearize (straighten up) everybody! I’m not gonna go with it, HAA! DUHHHH~~~C

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