June 7, 2006

Do you have a good sense of time?

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:05 pm by changisme

As much as I hate Mama’s criticism, I somewhat agree that she knows me ever so well. Ever since I was young, and nowadays still, she says I have such a bad sense of time. "Can’t you just have a rough idea of the time without a watch?!"

Well, the truth is that I can’t. I guess I’m just not all that intelligent in this area. Whatever the reason is, my time is LARGELY controlled by what state of mind I’m at. I imagine it’s true for most people, but maybe my ability is just weaker than average. It’s not all that bad, i mean humans invented timing devices so very early in their history, probably means most people really do have needs for them.

I really really do love my watch though. I don’t seem to be able to survive without one. Maybe because I have such bad ideas of time, I always want to look at my watch, which seems in need of replacement quite often. That’s actually the reason why Mama was scowling. I wear it every single second, I even want to wear it when I do dishes and play goalball. These things don’t seem to be very healthy leisures for my watches,  not even for SWATCHes! Oh well. I’ve given up on the expensive nobles, and have started just buying the cheap ones. In this way, each unit of money seems to cover a longer period of time on average.


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