June 8, 2006

The is unreal…

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If there is one thing I have learnt from the job I have this summer, it would be the corproate environment. Well, I guess that’s not one thing, that’s just a fusion of many many things. There was the politics of hierarchy and many other things. My boss, Mary, has been telling me a lot about these things knowing I have no clue about these kind of stuff.

this morning, when Mary was supposed to have a meeting with me, when i called her, she said that she has more things to teach me about working in a corporation. Then she told me about the reorganization and the fact that she, and even her boss having their work term terminated. She sounded very awkward. I know it really wouldn’t’ be a pleasant experience, especially knowing how many hours she puts into this job each day. There’s also Eric, who just got hired half a year ago and came all the way to Vancouver to train us and so on. I guess that’s just life.

I don’t know if we, as the student assistants, will be kept on. Mary did say, she heard from unofficial source that we would, but this company is all so weird (I said that), i wouldn’t bet on it.

It’s funny that when I’m reading on the biopharmaceutcial news I subscribe for work, I hear about so many M&A (merging and acquisition), but I never really thought that would happen to me and/or people I work with. I think I have thought about this company merging, but not thought things can happen this sudden. Mary said she will not be my boss after today and will not work for this company after this week. Many companies I read about for work have this instantaneous exsistence. Their names appear in some pieces of old news or even rather new news, and then you can never find them again. It’s just the weirdest feeling ever.

Baba used to tell me about these kind of things. He said in Beijing at least, companies like his that stay in the market for six years, are actually quite rare. Some people comes into the market, one way or another make some fortuen, then disappear. It’s all very remote still.

On Monday, I will talk to my boss’s boss who is also leaving on the phone. I don’t really know how that will come. Even more, the work that was used to be on eight people’s shoulders will now be on 1 person’s, who is currently in the UK. I don’t know first of all what I will need to do for my job, since she will be so frantic with all this work, secondly how we will be able to communicate since we have an eight hours time difference.

Mary said that she had a good time working with me, and would give me references if I needed. Well.. I only worked a month with her, but I do think that she is very informative.

This is all still very strange. Actually, I don’t really know what I would feel if I also get fired. That will be interesting actually with the Science Co-op office.


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