June 14, 2006

Cafe Crepe (with the accents) :p…

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Catching up with Barry was very fun. We walked around in UBC and talked. He’s quite good at getting the conversation to the next stage I think. We talked about work and school and faith and relationships. We even played "pinecone soccer" LOL
Later on we had dinner at Cafe Crepe, a new restaurant in UBC right next to Shoppers opposite to War Memorial Gym. It’s a very dainty little place, looks very Parisish to me. There are many kinds of crepes in there, and baguette sandwiches too. We each a crepe, mine was a dinner crepe his a dessert crepe, hehe. It wasn’t as good as the asperigus one I had in Montreal I have to say, but it was yummy still. I think I just like spinach with flour, oil and salt, however they are combined. It sounds like I’m degrading this place doesn’t it? Well, I’m not. It’s a very nice place. I want to go again with other people.
I think having a friend to talk to made my day much brighter, although the meeting with my co-op coordinator didn’t go badly either. Javed is a very reasonable guy (considering he’s a physicist… :p ouch! >_<). He took note of every single word I said, I felt so weird that I was pretty much dictating, plus he was using a pen to handwrite, which made things a lot slower. I told him of the situation and specified that I hope he will not try to push the company to give me a better job because that’s just very difficult for the company and I don’t want to be a trouble maker and stay there for the rest of the summer knowing I will have been one.
He said that he will contact my new supervisor and negotiate with them, and present them with two solutions, one being giving me a better job, the other being terminate the contract since neither me nor the company has a problem with that. He will not fail me! Hurrah!
The only tiny unsatisfaction is that he kind of wants me to work till the end of June, but I don’t want to. That would mean another two weeks! I know this is very intolerant of me, and I have to say this is already very satisfactory, but two weeks is still quite a long time considering I have only started doing the part I hate the most for the past two weeks and the reorganization has made the work worse. On the other hand, I can now be sure at least there is hope coming very soon. Overall, I think the meeting went well, I got almost all of what I wanted, certainly better than I expected.
Oh, and another comment. Going to a church near a Chapters really might not be a very wise choice, hehe.

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