June 19, 2006

mood switch

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:40 am by changisme

If I just switch gears by just pushing a button between worrying time and happy time, then I could enjoy fully when I’m to enjoy and worry when I needed to. Somehow, that feels to me more in tune with "living fully".
It’s probably true that there is the danger of some people not switching to worry when they needed or the other way. We probably could have a test like a driver’s licence, and have a bunch of friends keep us in check. Oh and after a year or two, we can even renew our licence: some little elve would come and take a walk with us and chitter chatter about the past performances.
"How have you been doing?"
"Pretty good…"
"You switched well?"
"Pretty much…"
"I do recall once your alarm clock went off on your bedside table, but…"
"Morning is to be enjoyed though."
"You were running late I have to say."
"That little spec in the morning can’t brush off the enjoyment."
"Well… but you want to be responsible."
"I still want to enjoy my morning nonetheless."
"Well, you know what, I’ll take away your switch for this year, not for a punishment, but I think you probably end up with a better life without it."

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